Aptech Visa Terms and Polices Against Frauds

By | June 5, 2019

Due to the increasing immigration frauds, the genuine consultancies like Aptech Visa keeps zero-tolerance policy against such frauds because we believe that keeping zero tolerance policy is the only way to tackle the immigration frauds.

Aptech Visa under no circumstances supports immigration to foreign countries by any unethical means and pathways. There are lots of scams and frauds have come into the limelight in the previous year like Fa├žade Marriage, Immigration through fake documents, illegal immigration, etc. Thus, we follow strict Anti-fraud policy.

Aptech Visa never indulges in any such practices and has given strict guidelines to refrain from fraudulent activities and educate clients regarding same.

Different Kinds of Immigration frauds:

There are two kinds of frauds- intentional and unintentional. Well, as the name suggests intentional frauds are those where an applicant deliberately plans to move abroad via unethical or unlawful means.Whereas, unintentional scams are those wherein an applicant unknowingly mentions wrong information or details that may lead to visa rejections or cancellations.

Aptech Visa has made a strict anti-fraud policy to protect the interest of the applicants. Here’s the Aptech Visa anti-fraud policy.

  • Aptech Visa encourage applicants to not collect or submit any false documents
  • Make sure to know the consultancy and other charges to avoid any frenzy later on
  • Always take a payment receipt whenever you are paying any fees/charges to Aptech Visa
  • Stay away from sweet commitments regarding the overseas job, visa or any oral promise
  • Fake reviews and complaints against Aptech Visa

Aptech Visa is making every possible effort to avoid visa frauds but there are certain sections of the society/group of fake online users that intentionally malign the reputation of Aptech Visa by posting fake reviews or demeaning the organization. On further asking about their identity and proof, these users keep silent and don’t reply

Aptech Visa always welcomes any complaints, suggestions or feedback provided they must be genuinely supported with relevant proofs and documents.

Drop your complaints and any suggestions at Aptech Visa Reviews

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