What are the points required if applying for Commercial Cookery for Australia PR Visa?

It is minimum 65 PR points in the overall for commercial cookery to immigrate to Australia. Although, higher PR points will give you much better chances for getting invitation to apply for Australia. Check your points using Australia PR points Calculator! Additionally, these points will be calculated on considering distinctive facile factors as: Age: Make sure… Read More »

What are the steps to Apply for Australia PR?

Well, there are different visa options available for you to apply for Australian PR Visa on the basis of your preference like skilled migration visas, Business Visa or family sponsor visas. Here, I would like to tell you the Australia PR process for General Skilled Migration visas that are the most commonly taken visa by the skilled… Read More »

How hard is it for Indians to Get Australia PR?

It is not difficult to obtain Australian Permanent Residency from India. However, in order to get Australia PR, you must comply with all the eligibility requirements and guidelines to apply for Australian Permanent Residency. Are you eligible to apply for Australia PR? A thorough research, proper planning and complete and accurate documentation will help you in… Read More »

Australia Immigration through Australia Point System

Australian immigration is the tool to calculate your total immigration score for the skilled migration visa programs. The overall immigration score decides the overall Australian immigration chances to get an invitation from the immigration authority. The more is the immigration points better is the chances to get an invitation from the immigration department. Calculate your… Read More »

How to apply for Marriage Visa Australia?

Marriage Visa Australia also known as prospective marriage Australia lets an applicant to come and marry their partner who is already Australian citizen or permanent resident. Through this visa, you can go to Australia marry your partner and then come back to the home country. Get to know more about this visa by contacting our… Read More »

Aptech Visa- The latest News and Update Provider of Visa and Immigration

Planning to migrate to a different country? It is very important to have complete knowledge about the immigration country, which you are migrating. The immigration and the visa process keeps on updating time to time. there are many changes made by the immigration authority this year as compare to last. For example, if you are… Read More »

Find out how Aptech Visa has become synonym to visa success?

The visa success means different for both visa applicants and the consultancy services helping the applicants in their visa process. Well, the level of happiness remains the same. For most visa applicants it’s like a dream coming true. There are many migrants and everyone has their own aspirations associated with their immigration plan i.e. high… Read More »

What makes Aptech Visa clients a most preferred choice for visa and immigration?

Everyone says that “clients is the king”, but how many of us actually believe it? Well, not the half company only serves clients until the services are over. But clients are indeed ultimate boss and hence we should take every measure to offer satisfied clients services till the end. Here at Aptech Visa keep our… Read More »

Aptech Visa Terms and Polices Against Frauds

Due to the increasing immigration frauds, the genuine consultancies like Aptech Visa keeps zero-tolerance policy against such frauds because we believe that keeping zero tolerance policy is the only way to tackle the immigration frauds. Aptech Visa under no circumstances supports immigration to foreign countries by any unethical means and pathways. There are lots of… Read More »