For a skilled migration visa of Australia, how should I calculate the age for scoring maximum of thirty points?

By | April 9, 2020

For a skilled migration visa for Australia, your personal factors are taken into consideration while calculating your Australia immigration score. One of the key component among such factors is age.

Candidates with age bracket of 25-32 years gets maximum points, i.e., 30 points which are the maximum you can score in the age criteria of point assessment.

The reason behind giving a higher point score to young lot of people is the ability to contribute more effectively and efficiently in the economy of Australia. Young people are generally considered dynamic and therefore, Australia grants more points to the age ranging from 25 to 32 years.

Nevertheless, if your age does not lie in the above mentioned age bracket, then you can always improve your total immigration score by scoring better in other factors such as language ability factor. To know how to score maximum point on Australia point assessment grid, you can contact our immigration experts at our toll free number 18001201602 today and avail free counselling! by filling up Online Australia Assessment form

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