How do I calculate Australian immigration?

By | April 9, 2020

To be eligible for Australia immigration against any of the three sub visas i.e., sub-class visa 189, 190n or 489; you need to comply with the minimum point requirement first. Without meeting the point requirement you may not be able to file your Expression of interest anywhere in Australia.

You can calculate your Australian immigration points with Australia point calculator. The calculator works on Australia point assessment grid while considering your personal factors such as age, work experience, education, language abilities, etc. and gives you points according to your capabilities in each of the factor mentioned. This is because based on these factors, an analysis is done by the Government of Australia as to how capable you are in contributing to the development of different segments of the economy.

The total immigration score as demanded by the country is at least 60 out of 100. This is the minimum eligibility points. You can check your eligibility from Australia Free Assessment form However, to be able to get selected by Australian authorities based on your final submission of Expression of Interest, you must score a very good score; definitely over and above 60 points.

After ascertaining eligibility criteria for Australia immigration and calculating your total point score, you can start your process without any delay; if eligible. For any immigration related query, you can contact our immigration experts and avail free counselling.

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