How can an accounting master get a PR in Australia?

By | January 19, 2021

The profession of Accounting is in high demand in Australia and that’s the reason why the competition is tough. So, if you have done a Master’s in accounting and have the dream of Australia Immigration in 2021, all you can do is apply for Australian PR Visa. Australian PR visa gives you a plethora of benefits such as:

  • Freedom to travel in and out of Australia for a period of 5 years
  • Eligible to work and study in Australia
  • Freedom to enroll in medical and healthcare facilities
  • Eligible to apply for Australian citizenship post living there for 4 years
  • Allowed to sponsor your family members for Australian PR
  • Last, but not least, you don’t need a visa to travel New Zealand

There are many visa categories which you can choose if you want to apply for Australian PR such as:

Skilled Independent visa subclass 189

A 189 visa is a permanent residency visa which allows the candidate to live and work anywhere in Australia for an indefinite time period. Well, 65 is the minimum points requirement, but they are not enough to receive an invitation to apply for PR. Also, your profession, being in high demand, requires a score of 90-95. So, prior to applying for this visa, make sure that you score high if you want to receive an invitation from the DHA to apply for Australian PR.

Skilled nominated visa subclass 190

It is a state nominated visa which requires a nomination from any Australian state or not. Getting an invitation depends upon your points. This subclass also demands a high score as there is high competition in the accounting profession. Hence, score high and receive an invite to apply for PR.

Skilled work regional (provisional) visa subclass 491

It is the third visa category that is a temporary visa and not a permanent one. A candidate is awarded with an invitation if he/she fulfills two conditions. The first is a nomination from a state or sponsorship from eligible family members and second, a high score in the points calculator.

I hope this information might help, however, if you still want more information about how to apply and other queries, you can get in touch with the best experts who will guide you from the beginning till the end.

Best of Luck!

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